Our Membership Class is divided into 4 sessions where we tell you about us and we learn about you

Sessions 1: Discovering Restoration. We give you an in-depth look at our History and Beginnings, our mission & values and how we engage with our community through our values. We also introduce you to our church leadership and finish with our long term vision for our church and community.

Session 2: Discovering our beliefs. In this session we will lead you through our understanding of our belief system, from creation to the final reign of Christ. We also discuss our beliefs about Baptism and Communion and the importance of these two ordinances.

Session 3: Discovering you. We spend this session discovering and defining your Spiritual Gifts and the reason you have them. We help you under-stand them, along with your personality and passions, in the context of service and ministry. We help you put it all together and get to watch you discover what God has for you in his church.

Session 4: Discovering your story. We open with some food and an over-view of our Membership Covenant. We then hear from you. We want to hear your story, experiences and journeys that brought you to Restoration Church. We will close by asking you if you would like to be a Covenant Member of Restoration Church.

Contact Russ Roux for more info.